Optimal referral information

iConsult aims to support the efficient management of patients, living in North Central London and surrounding localities, by offering advice around the decision to refer. (Referrals should still be made in the normal way.) 

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When referring for appointments in Gastroenterology, the following test results will help us deliver an outcome as efficiently as possible:

All patients:
CRP - C reactive protein
FBC - Full blood count
Iron - TIBC - Total iron-binding capacity
% saturation
LFTs - Liver function tests
Thyroid tests
TTG - Tissue transglutaminase antibody
U&Es - Urea and electrolytes

Vitamin B­12 and folic acid

Vitamin D

Special situations:

Please undertake the following additional tests for patients with:

Abdominal pain syndromes           + Ultrasound abdomen
Diarrhoea   + Trial of lactose free diet
Dyspepsia   + Helicobacter stool test and ultrasound abdomen
Dysphagia   + Barium swallow
Weight loss   + Chest X-ray, ultrasound abdomen especially pancreas